Why J to J

I wanted something to sound unique. A title that expresses & embodies the science of what I propose this blog to be about.

About going for gold and aiming for the stars.

JoggingDefinition – the activity of running at a steady, gentle pace as a form of physical exercise. The ongoing pursuit of building stamina to further extend one’s life and stay healthy & focused. There is a bit of me here my own personality being keen on all sports and exercise whilst having my own goals to achieve (more on this later )

JupiterDefinition – It is named after the ruler of the Roman gods (The Bringer of Jollity as performed by Gustav Holst ) The largest planet in our solar system.
Something so out of reach and far away it requires “Moonshot” thinking to get you there. Marks a destination/goal that needs knowledge, science & progress to fulfill a long held ambition/journey.
One day we might just do it. The human potential is there. We have already sent Voyager 1 to explore Jupiter’s moons, Io, Europa, Ganymede and Callisto.

To you all winning gold.