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3D Print your Own Gold

Yes wouldn’t that be great I hear you say! But we’re getting one step closer

Trove is a platform that turns anyone into a fashion jewelery designer. It has 30 standard jewelery designs that users can customize as they please, right down to the metal choice. Trove’s partner Shapeways then 3D prints the jewelery mold and the final product.

Putting the customer directly in the driver’s seat, Trove takes its consumers into a CAD-like interface where budding jewelery designers can take a 360-degree look at the jewelry and make design choices, engravings, and more. This is one step up from the usual sector like medicine, construction and cars that have adopted this latest printing technology.


This is  important because The Trove platform simplifies 3D design, and gives inquisitive consumers a hassle free entry into three dimensional modeling. Another small yet significant benefit: by letting customers try on the 3D printed plastic versions of their personalised jewelery, Trove also reduces bottom line losses due to product returns.

To you all going for Gold.