About J to J

Hi & Welcome,

My name is Steve Ruda and this is my first blog. I want to reach out to like minded people around the world who are keen to explore new ideas, pathways and innovations on subjects that interest me. Personally I have done a career 360 and been fortunate to have worked on all 4 corners of the planet in a variety of sectors. The birth of this blog/website is an encapsulation of my knowledge, thinking, insight, shared wisdom and collaborative effort to help transform the lives of others; by way of developing a platform on subjects that might resonate with you to take action on that one idea that could provide the ‘moonshot’ jolt you’re looking for.  I have put together an emerging category list for future reference to get things kick started.

Call it a pooling resource for ‘out of the box’ world solutions – A Collective Conscious. It all started with me thinking about the concept of that ’30Day Challenge’ as immortalized by Earl Nightingale. Think of ’10 ideas a day’ no matter how crazy for 30 days and share them with like minded individuals. A Mastermind Group for Bold ideas –  Imagine how powerful that could be. A new type of community that reaches out to ordinary people from all walks of life around the globe. Well I hope this blog gets your creative juices flowing on views, commentary, topics on all manner of things. I’ll also be sharing links & experts on subjects that will transform ones thinking for empowering the human soul, mind & spirit and your own personal journey of discovery. Come and dive in & strike up a conversation. Please opt in on the email request for my future newsletter & other goodies.

I have a number of ideas that I will be sharing as this blog gets underway in setting the stage for a communal mastermind think tank.

To the future & beyond